Tom Umberg Stands for the Environment

As Chairman of the Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee in
the State Assembly, Tom has provided strong leadership on environmental
issues and protection for our natural resources.

Umberg is adamantly opposed to offshore oil drilling and helped create
the California Environmental Protection Agency (CAL-EPA), a new state
agency that will augment protection of our environment.

Umberg's consistent support for recycling, energy conservation, air
quality improvement and enhanced traffic flow projects has won him the
endorsement of both the California League of Conservation Voters and the
Sierra Club.


Lungren supports off-shore oil drilling.

In Congress, Lungren voted against the California Wilderness Act, the
Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Clean Water Act and the Safe
Drinking Water Acts.

As Attorney General, Lungren drastically weakened our environmental

Lungren was called "one of the most hostile officials toward
environmental issues that we have ever seen" by the State Director of the
Sierra Club.


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