Tom Umberg Provides Opportunity through Education

Honored by educators for his work to improve education and make schools
safe, Tom Umberg will bring a strong record of educational advocacy to
the Office of Attorney General.

On the Assembly Education Committee, Umberg fought for school
construction and renovation and more affordable colleges. Tom enacted
may school safety laws, including stiffer penalties for selling drugs and
committing gang-related felonies on school grounds.

Named "Outstanding Freshman Legislator of 1990" by the California School
Boards Association, Umberg is endorsed by the California Teachers
Association, the California School Employees Association, the California
Faculty Association, and the United Teachers of Los Angeles.


Lungren supported Prop. 174, the School Voucher Initiative, taking public
funds away from public schools.

Lungren opposed Prop. 98, which assures minimum state funding for public

In Congress Lungren voted against Head Start, child nutrition and
financial aid for college students.

Lungren received a dismal 6% over-all rating from the National Education


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