Tom Umberg Protects a Woman's Right to Choose

Tom Umberg is 100% pro-choice. As a State Assemblyman, Umberg has fought
against anti-choice forces, worked to curb domestic violence, and cracked
down on individuals who refuse to make child support payments.

Since 1990, Umberg has authored or co-authored 39 different laws which
toughen penalties for domestic violence, rape, child abuse, kidnapping
and stalking. He has supported the Family Leave Bill, increased tax
credits for child care and additional state funding for Breast Cancer

Tom's candidacy for Attorney General has the overwhelming support of
California's leading women's organizations - including the California
Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (CARAL), which gives Tom a
100% positive rating.


Lungren opposes a woman's right to choose abortion even in cases of rape
and incest.

In Congress, Lungren consistently oposed funding for victims of domestic

Lungren refused to join 41 other state Attorney Generals in support of
the Violence Against Women Act of 1993.

Lungren is the only statewide official targeted for defeat by the
California Abortion and Reproductive Rights League (CARAL) - who called
him "an enemy of choice."


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