Tom Umberg Fights Crime with Tough, Smart Leadership

As a Military Prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney, and Assemblyman, Tom
Umberg has devoted his life to public safety. As Attorney General,
Umberg will provide the tough, smart leadership we need to battle crime.

Since 1990, Umberg has passed over 20 tough-on-crime laws. He authored a
"Three Strikes" law which targets repeat and violent felons, provides
only two strikes for crimes against children, and is 20 percent of the
cost of the "Three Strikes" law on the November ballot.

As Attorney General, Umberg will overhaul our juvenile justice system and
establish boot-camps to deter first-time offenders from a career of crime.

Umberg is endorsed by fifty major California public safety officials and
organizations, including the California State Police Association,
California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, and the Marshals
Association of California.


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