Richard Burns for Attorney General
Statement on the Issues

California suffers from skyrocketing crime because violent felons are
let out of prison while non-violent drug offenders stay locked up. As
Attorney General, I will help end the government's War on Drugs and
make drugs legal again. This will free prison space and cut crime in
half, since drug dealers will stop terrorizing neighborhoods to
protect their turf, and addicts will no longer have to steal to buy
drugs. Alcohol prohibition didn't work in the 1920's, and drug
prohibition doesn't work today. I strongly support the 2nd Amendment,
and vigorously defend the right of Californians to keep and bear arms
for self-defense. I strongly oppose civil asset forfeiture, especially
for the purpose of financing police departments. This outrageous
practice corrupts our police and subverts our democratic institutions.
People have the right to make personal choices about jobs, lifestyles,
abortion, health care and all their other activities, as long as their
choices don't violate rights of others and they take full
responsibility for their actions. Therefore, I will work to repeal
such anti-liberty measures as motorcycle helmet mandates, "victimless
crime" laws, and anti-job regulations.


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